5 Of The Most Interesting Creative Brands to Watch in Africa

Africa is going through an amazing inventive renaissance, it is awe-inspiring to observe. I as of late moved from the UK to Ghana to encounter Africa and its innovative height as it unfurls. In this article, I am going to exhibit probably the most fascinating inventive brands to emerge from the landmass.

Chale Socks

Chale Socks are a creative, Ghanaian clothing brand. Their striking, particular plans center around using customary Adinkra images and African examples and themes to make shocking, creative socks.


OhYesLord is a Johannesburg-based streetwear brand. Their essential point is to advance African youth culture. Their plans are straightforward yet attractive, catching the unique idea of African youth.

Waffles N Cream

Wafflesncream is a skateboard aggregate situated in Lagos Nigeria. Notwithstanding the aggregate, they additionally run an idiosyncratic streetwear clothing shop. A profoundly imaginative brand, advancing inventive self articulation among the Nigerian youth.


Tongoro is possessed and overseen by effective news tycoon Sarah Diouf. The Dakar-based style brand known as Tongoro studio offers striking, yet basic plans.

Selly Raby Kane

Selly Raby Kane is a Senegalese style creator who delivers exceptionally imaginative pieces. Her image was conceived out of an energy for metropolitan African enlivened style. Her pieces show a uninhibited style and elegance. The brand can be portrayed as high design meets restless, metropolitan Afro stylish.

My Experience Working With African Creative Brands

I have worked with various African inventive brands. I noticed the enthusiasm, commitment to their art and the assurance to prevail in a landmass where openings are not difficult to spot yet hard to profit by. The ability in Africa is fantastic, rousing, spurring. At the point when I contact down on African soil, my first idea is to make, learn, produce. Africa pushes you such that I couldn’t ever have thought conceivable.

African brands epitomize a uniqueness that is hard to track down elsewhere on the planet. There is a crude coarseness and enthusiasm among African creatives. The fire consumes solid, it is really natural selection out there. The fortunate rare sorts of people who come to the top can just however think back on battle, days passed by where nothing looked confident, everything seemed sad yet they pushed on through dread, obstructions and vulnerability. There is something really uncommon happening in Africa the present moment, I am honored to be here to observe everything unfurl right in front of me.